2014 Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prizes

One Submission—Three Prize Awards:



Brenda Hillman

BRENDA HILLMAN to Judge 11th Annual Contest



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New Titles For Spring 2014

Travelers With No Ticket Home Dipstick(Diptych) New & Selected Poems

Mary Mackey:

Winner of the 2012 PEN Oakland-Josephine Miles Award for Excellence in Literature 

Travelers With No Ticket Home

“Mary Mackey joins other visionary poets of dépaysement. . . recovering a lost part of herself in the edgy lyricism of the tropics, haunted by fado, forró, and death. The lines are tense with the vulnerability of lovers, strangers, and travelers with no ticket home.”—Dennis Nurkse

Winner of the 2013 Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize


“Tom Beckett’s stubborn refusal to turn away from the trips, traps, and trusts—disabilities and resistances—of everyday life produces poetry of epigrammatic wit and syncopating rhythms. Parapraxis here becomes a gateway to the bathetic sublime.”—Charles Bernstein, 2013 contest judge


Harriet Zinnes:
New and Selected Poems

“In [her] poems, Harriet Zinnes has dared to accept the deepest challenge of all writing: i.e. to dwell in the moment that is the seed-time of moments and in the image that rests forever within the disappearance of all images once beloved. Here is an unconditional clarity. Here are poems whose singularities are never less than complete.” —Donald Revell



Dear Hero,

Pocket Park

Joy Ride

Winner of the 2014 Whirling Prize from the University of Indianapolis

Winner of the 2012 Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize

Jason McCall, Dear Hero,

[Here] is a poet who walks around with a book full of lyrical needles, letting the air out of heroic balloons. —Cornelius Eady


Claudia Carlson, Pocket Park: Four seasons in poems and photos

“Brilliant originality, multi-layered poems and photographs move gracefully from dark to lighter moments inspired by a tiny Manhattan public space....a welcome pocket-sized refuge.”—Lynn Saville





Thomas Fink, Joyride

“Thomas Fink is a unique craftsman and perhaps one of the best to write poems in form—but Fink’s brilliance is his inability to tell anything straight… Fink knows how to write poems that challenge the mind, pleasure the eye, tickle the tongue, and fascinate the ear.” —Steven Karl








An Elephant's Memory of Blizzards

Devine Madness

Ghost of Yesterday

Neil de la Flor: An Elephant's Memory of Blizzards

Between each line of wordplay and imaginative leapfrogging, there’s a grown up’s sense of seriousness about the individual’s relationship to nature and to society, to religion and to politics, and, not least 
of all, about the poet’s relationship to love and universe itself.... --Steven Cordova


Paul Pines: Divine Madness

"an extended meditation on...the psychic wormholes that allow instantaneous travel along our internal galaxies, that hide just underneath the next memory, the next sentence, and behind the all, the ALL itself—unknowable, perhaps, but in Pines’ poetry nearly imaginable." The American Book Review


Susan Terris: Ghost of Yesterday: New & Selected Poems

[Her] new and selected poems is described best in the surprising way its images align as proofs of story with and against voice. This is a wonderful book.
—Norman Dubie



Marsh Hawk Press Artistic Advisory Board

Toi Derricotte
Denise Duhamel
Marilyn Hacker
Allan Kornblum
Maria Mazziotti Gillan
Alicia Ostriker
Marie Ponsot
David Shapiro
Nathaniel Tarn
Anne Waldman
John Yau


Our Mission

Marsh Hawk Press books highlight a wide range of affinities between poetry and the visual arts. Each volume is produced with particular care for visual style, often including artwork alongside the poems. The press sponsors readings, exhibits, an online magazine, a website with rotating photogallery space, and several blogs focused on poetry and visual art, and an annual contest judged by a poet of national stature which awards the Marsh Hawk Press book publication prize, the Marsh Hawk Press Robert Creeley Memorial Award and the Marsh Hawk Press Rochelle Ratner Memorial Prize.